Manufacturing Composite Parts

Switch to process oriented and results driven manufacturing for production at scale.


We will investigate your project to assess project fit, manufacturability, and hash out details related to performance and production.


We will work through a collaborative and iterative process to produce and finalize pre-production parts that meet your standards.


Our goal is to ensure we seamlessly integrate into your supply chain and add to your success as you and your team move into production.

How We Work

For product companies, designers, or composite material suppliers who have applications where composite components hold a clear advantage, our services may be able to put an end to frustrations surrounding the manufacturing of these parts.

What We Do

We use special equipment to manufacture composite parts in our factory. Our automated process eliminates classic bottlenecks and QA challenges in the production of composite parts. We enable our customers to scale their sales volumes with ease and without fear of a production ceiling getting in the way of demand. By taking advantage of the economies of scale offered by our services, our customers can gain market share with greater efficiency in manufacturing as their sales volume rise.