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About us

Rapid TPC

Making Composites Simple

Rapid TPC is enabling the mass production of composite parts. Our proprietary manufacturing process allows composite materials to finally compete with metals and plastics in the consumer market. We work closely with our clients to ensure design feasibility, part quality, and efficient delivery. We are currently working with customers ranging from the baby products industry to athletic equipment and medical equipment.

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Who is Rapid TPC?

The Rapid TPC engineering team brings years of experience ranging from aerospace and automotive engineering, to MEMS research. Rapid TPC was a member of the first cycle of Alphalab Gear, Pittsburgh’s nationally acclaimed start-up accelerator, which focuses on physical product companies. Our core leadership group met while studying Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University and working together to build a Formula style racecar.

Why Composites?
Rapid TPC

Aluminum & Steel


Carbon Fiber

When seeking true performance, composites can deliver it with elegance. Compared with traditional metals or plastics, the composites Rapid TPC uses are lighter, stiffer, more sustainable, and can be produced in high volumes. The class of material Rapid TPC manufactures with is:

Strong and Lightweight

Parts can be five times stronger than steel, half the weight of aluminum, and can also add 10x the impact resistance of traditional composites

Corrosion Resistant

Can be safely used as structural components in environments that are too corrosive for traditional metals

In Demand

Products visibly containing woven carbon fiber suggest performance, and its presence has the potential to dramatically increase product margins


We use 100% recyclable materials and consume less energy than traditional composite manufacturing

Why Choose Rapid TPC?

Rapid TPC Advantages

Cost Effective

Our proprietary process makes it easier than ever to have composite parts manufactured at volumes never before seen.

Mass Production

Rapid TPC’s process virtually eliminates the costly scaling and volume production limits of more traditional thermoset composites

Secondary Processes

Add unique shapes, clips, bosses, or ribbing to a formed part. Over-molded components have improved strength, and can improve overall part integration.

What the Media is Saying

Next Pittsburgh

"Rapid TPC wants to lighten our loads while targeting a multi-billion dollar industry"


"A New Hardware & Robotics Startups Accelerator"

WTAE Pittsburgh

"Rapid TPC, a carbon fiber startup"

Meet the Team

Ben Charley

Kevin Buck

Mark Jreissaty

Miguel Rodriguez

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