We use this strategy to streamline
the Manufacturing Process



We will investigate your project to assess project fit, manufacturability, and hash out details related to performance and production.

Step 1: Project Investigation
We will work with you to review your drawings, check for manufacturability, and understand your production needs. Parts must be formable and fit within a build size of 15” X 26” X 6”.

Step 2: Material Selection
We can work with you if you need assistance selecting a material. Having a firm grasp of your desired performance metrics and part economics will help us identify the right material for your part.

Step 3: Finish Selection
We will help you determine the quality of your part surface finish, or any additional adhesion promoting surface film, printed logo or embossing.



We will work through a collaborative and iterative process to produce and finalize pre-production parts that meet your standards.

Step 4: Prototyping
The next step is to create functional prototypes using aluminum tooling for testing. This is typically an iterative and collaborative process.

Step 5: Pre-Production Logistics
If the prototypes meet your standards, we will review and finalize logistics such as quality control requirements and production timeline.

Step 6: Tooling Order
We will order the production tool, and, once we receive it, will produce a small batch of production samples for your acceptance.



Our goal is to ensure we seamlessly integrate into your supply chain and add to your success as you and your team move into production.

Step 7: Manufacture
Rapid TPC forms production parts in our facility in Pittsburgh, PA. Any required secondary processes laid out in the “Plan” stage are either completed in-house or sub-contracted to trusted partners of Rapid TPC.

Step 8: Delivery
Rapid TPC works hard to seamlessly integrate with your supply chain and deliver your parts on time, every time.

Step 9: Production Integration
At this stage, we will have delivered the first round of production parts and will work to ensure our process continues to make your product a success.