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Thermoplastic Composites

Rapid TPC manufactures composite parts at volumes that are difficult or impossible to achieve when using standard, hand-lay methods.

No. We do not supply raw composite materials, fabrics or resins.

Not at this time. Rapid TPC’s proprietary production equipment is kept in house. All production runs will take place at our production facility.

We would be happy to learn more about your current manufacturing operation and determine if our process can augment your production needs.

To receive a more accurate quote on a part, customers must first have a qualified project with Rapid TPC and provide specification details of the part. Reach out and we will work with you to provide a rough order of magnitude pricing estimate even if not all of the details of a qualified project are set. Contact us here.

Qualifying a project is the first step in the process and ensures that our capabilities (what we do best) match up with your needs (what you need most). To qualify a project we need to understand information that can be categorized into three separate types: Design, Economics, and Communication.

“Qualifying” a project will vary between projects. Knowing the answers to the questions below will provide a great starting point:

  1. Design: These are questions sometimes best answered by the product design team or engineer. They focus on ensuring our manufacturing process is able to reliably produce the part in question. Our staff can work with you to suggest design changes for manufacturability if necessary:
    1. Is the part formable using matched die tooling and does it fit in a 15” by 25” by 6” build size?
    2. What is the part application?
    3. Do you have a material choice and fiber layup in mind?
    4. Does the design require an aesthetic fabric?
  2. Economics: this information will help us understand your production timeline and economic objectives:
    1. Expected production volumes
    2. Projected timeline and expected launched date
    3. Current assembly location
    4. Project budget
    5. Projected price and demand curve (this will impact material selection)
  3. Communication: These questions will help us understand your needs and ensure that Rapid TPC is the right fit for you. They will also inform us how you would like to interact and what your expectations from this project:
    1. How does your company typically bring a new product to market? What decisions must be made?
    2. What are you looking for in a manufacturing partner?
    3. What are your desired outcomes from this project?
    4. What are your expectations from our technology?